Our Best Back-to-School Beauty Tricks

First impressions last, and you’d want to make a lasting good impression on your first day back in school! 

How’s your hair lookin’? If your hair has gone completely dry from too much exposure to the sun or chlorine from the pool, then you should deep condition your hair once a week. 

Exfoliate. Do this twice a week to slough off dead cells and help with your skin cell turnover. 

Maintain a healthy smile. Make sure to visit your dentist for your twice-a-year checkup and cleaning before school starts. 

Stock up on feminine essentials. Grab extra personal hygiene supplies to keep in your school locker. 

Reset your internal clock. Start sleeping earlier to get a full eight hours each night a week before school starts. You’ll be waking up earlier in the morning again, and you’d want to always look fresh and feel energized when in school. 

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