Hollywood Makeover

In my early twenties I was a hairstyle experimenting fool!  I tried every hair color, and every hair cut imaginable.  Black, Platinum, Brunette, Burgundy, and short, long, and bobbed.  I even attempted the Winona Ryder black pixie cut…. I ended up looking like Pat Benetar instead.  Bad, very, very bad!

If only technology had saved me from my impulsive ways.  If only I had had’s Hollywood Makeover Tool! This is one of the coolest programs I have seen in a long time.  You simply upload a picture of yourself (preferably one with your hair back) and get ready to give yourself a Hollywood makeover.  It is an absolute blast.  Try out every red carpet look you have ever wanted to try, and see for yourself if you can work it with a new makeup and hair look.  You can try on Jennifer Aniston’s golden locks, or rock Beyonce’s red carpet makeup.  I personally tried on every movie star hairstyle they had, and lo-and behold I looked best with Amy Adams long red do!  I guess I really am a redhead at heart. 

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