Bikinis Over Tees

Would You Wear It: Bikinis Over Tees

Refinery 29 shares a new look in the article, “Bikini Tops Over Tees? Man Repeller Says YES.” Here’s my take on it:

Bare with me folks, as I quote the first reference that came to mind upon viewing this over-the-top (literally), dare-I-say… trend. *Ahem*- “Gretchen, stop making fetch happen! It’s not going to happen!” (Regina George, Mean Girls).

There’s a 110% chance that you will never catch me wearing anything that resembles an undergarment over a T-shirt. For starters, if I exposed my bra to the public I would have to come up with a new name for my UNDERgarment, which I would then have to explain to the world, patent, and earn a living off of, all of which would be a waste of time for my I-prefer-to-wear-bras-under-my-shirt self. As for bikini tops, I choose to wear those near or in water, mainly because that’s what they were/are designed for.

In all, this style obviously isn’t barking up my tree, not only because I find it tacky and irrational, but also because it signifies a sense of laziness in modern fashion. Nevertheless, I’m definitely a lover of trendiness and new fads, so before I completely shut down this look, I threw on a black bikini top over my white t-shirt, and headed out for a day at the grocery store, the mall, and the movie theatre. Trust me when I say I would have rather cut two holes in my top and let my bra show through, Regina George style, than ever wear an undergarment over my tee again.

Read about this out there look on Refinery 29, and let us know if you would wear it.  

photo credit: Refinery29

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