The Top 5 Damaging Beauty Habits

What if you found out that parts of your beauty routine were actually damaging your skin or hair?  Many everyday beauty habits can leave you with dry skin, fried locks, wrinkles, and more!  Find out if you need to change your beauty routine by reading these top 5 damaging beauty habits

1. Taking Hot Showers

During the winter, we all love crawling out of bed and stepping into a nice, steamy shower, but hot showers can actually dry out your skin.  Hot water strips your skin of its natural oils, and some of the products you use in the shower may exacerbate the situation.  Start taking shorter, warm showers and using only mild soaps and unfragranced products; your skin will thank you.

2. Blow-drying Your Hair

Breakage, weakness, dryness, fried ends…these are all the effects that daily blow-drying can have on your hair.  Try to blow-dry your hair less often and use products to minimize heat damage.  Cover your hair with thermal protecting sprays or serums before drying, and use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner when you shower.

3. Exfoliating Too Often

It may be tempting to buff away those dead skin cells every day, but you have to wait until your skin has dead skin cells to get rid of them!  Exfoliating on a daily basis can result in irritated skin, and your skin may even produce extra oil to make up for all the oil it’s losing.  Stick to sloughing that skin twice a week and use a gentle exfoliant to do so.

4. Skipping Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen every day is incredibly important; and we’re not just talking about during the summertime!  The sun can damage your skin year-round, causing your skin to age and wrinkle.  Preserve your youth by wearing sunscreen or an SPF moisturizer on a daily basis.  Be sure to protect your lips with SPF lip products, as well.

5. Using Expired Makeup

You may keep that old eyeshadow around for special occasions, but if it has past its expiration date, ditch it.  Old makeup can be full of bacteria, and putting bacteria-filled products close to your eyes and mouth can result in an infection.  If you’re not sure how to long to keep your makeup, check out this makeup shelf-life guide.

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