The Hottest Beauty Trends of 2011!

With stars like Lady Gaga and Rihanna who take beauty trends to a out-of-this-world level, it’s not surprising that this year’s looks are filled with sparkle, brash and pop-star qualities. Check out some of 2011’s best beauty trends before everyone else finds out about them! Ke$ha would be proud!

1. Violet Eye Makeup – The smoky eye is taking a backseat to this vivid and ethereal shade of purple. But of course, you can always combine the two for a look that’s sure to get a few double-takes. Keep your lips minimal when going big with the eyes. But do try out a purple nail polish for a matchy-match look that actually works.

2. Shimmery, and Dark Nails – Gray was the big nail color of the fall and winter, and the best way to spice it up is to add some sparkle to it during the new year. All skins tones can work this polish, and make sure to show it off once you get it done. It’s super sexy!

3. Popping Pout – Whatever you do, just don’t match bright eyes and this trend. From Nicki Minaj to Katy Perry, neon lips are topping the charts. Strike a pose and show off your bright pout in either hot pink or a bright red.

4. Deep Side Part – The poof is out! Sorry Snookie, but this look has over-stayed its welcome long enough. Pull your hair off your face to create a deep side part that almost makes it look like you have bangs. Think Rihanna’s deep-parted hairstyle. If you already do have bangs, then don’t grow them out yet!

5. Show Your Brows – Last year, models continued to appear on the runways with almost non-existent brows. It might have looked fabulous on them, but it’s pretty difficult to pull that look off on the streets. Show off your eye-brows this year, and if they’re on the lighter side, pencil them in for extra emphasis.

6. Bronze Age Cheeks – The best way to show off your cheek bones is to highlight them with a bronzed glow. Statues weren’t cast in bronze for nothing, you know! Blend a copper blush into the apples of your cheeks. Your goal isn’t for a tanned look, but to make your cheekbones really pop.

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