Your Guide to Everything Summer!

Whether you’re still prepping for the warm, summer months or have already jumped right into warm waters, we’ve got all the latest and greatest summer tips and trends and we want to share them with you. From what perfumes to wear and the cutest sunglasses for you, to the hottest new colors and ways to stay in shape, Fit&Fab Living will serve as your ultimate guide to everything summer! 

6 Sizzling Summer Fashion Trends – Show a little bit of skin this summer, and rock it proudly! After all, it’s not like we can wear sundresses and skirts all year long! We’re here to tell you what the top trends of the season are, and we’re not exaggerating when we say, they’re hot! Sizzling orange and lace are just the tip of this iceberg! Keep reading here!

Get Leaned & Toned by Summer – Summer is approaching quickly- are you still carrying some winter weight?  If your bikini body needs some work, try these 5 effective moves.  They’ll give you a full-body workout and get you looking your best just in time for summer!. Keep reading here!

5 Ways to Rock Pink This Summer – You don’t have to be a girlie-girl to wear this summer’s hottest color. Pink isn’t just about being cute; it’s also sexy, trendy and even athletic. There’s something for everyone in this list, and every look is easy to rock! Keep reading here!

6 Health and Beauty Secrets for Summer – Along with summer’s gorgeous, warming rays of sunshine come fear and worry – and not about the weather! Health and beauty concerns tend to overwhelm us: there are wardrobes to be purchased, body parts to be toned, calories to be burned and summer makeup to be purchased.  Don’t let these worries takeover your mind.  With these 6 summer health and beauty secrets, you’ll find everything you need to know to make sure your soaking up the summer sun stress-free! Keep reading here!

Summer Shades for Every Face -Yes, they’re practical, but they’re also a key summer style accessorySunglasses come in all shapes in sizes, but not all of them will complement your face shape. The most important thing to remember when choosing a pair of sunglasses is that the frame size should be in proportion with the face size.  Unsure of what your shape is?  Keep reading here!

4 Sexy Summer Scents – The perfume you wear during the summer should never be overpowering. Light and refreshing scents are the best picks, and we’ve picked out four different ones for you! We’re sure you’ll be tempted to try at least one, or maybe even all of them! Just don’t wear all four at the same time! Keep reading here!

The Secret to Faking a Toned Body – It’s hard to find the time and motivation to make it to the gym on a regular basis! Often, working out slides down the list of priorities. Just because you don’t have time to eat a perfect diet or get in a killer workout doesn’t mean you can’t look great! If you’re planning on an exciting weekend where you want to look your best, you must check out these these simple secrets to faking a toned body! Keep reading here!

6 Summer Tips for Beautiful Hair and Skin – Summer is a great time to relax, take advantage of the warm weather, the outdoors and show off a beautiful summer glow. But the weather also can wreak havoc on hair and skin, which require special care, according to Theresa Jacobs, program director for the School of Cosmetology & Clinical Skin Care for Florida Career College. Keep reading for her summer skin and hair secrets!. Keep reading here!

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