5 Ways to Instantly Look Your Best in Pictures

Don’t we all want to look better in pictures without dropping another dollar? It takes A LOT of practice to put your best face forward when you get ready for pictures! We have some tips to share that we’ve acquired over the years, so keep reading to learn about how to look your best in photos!

1.    Rotate your body 30 or 35 degrees so that the front of your body is not square to the camera. It is not flattering for the camera to see our body from a flat angle and not see the curves achieved by looking a bit from the side! You can use this tip for standing or sitting.

2.    For standing pictures, stagger your feet a little bit so that you are steady and can truly focus on creating that picture-perfect smile. Even consider wearing heels, as they will help your posture and flatter your figure even more!

3.    Regardless of how you position the rest of your body, make sure your face and especially your jaw line is square to the camera. Visual interest in the photo is created when your eyes and face lock with the viewer. This happens through strong eye contact and maximum exposure to your radiant smile! 

4.    Also create visual interest by adding something interesting in the top half of your body. Choose a shirt with an embellished neckline, wear a fantastic pair of chandelier earrings, or sport a heavy necklace! This will help draw attention up towards the face, where it’s great to make a statement. 

5.    Wear your makeup darker than usual, even if it doesn’t look right when you’re applying it. Makeup is not as dark in pictures as it looks in the mirror, and in order to have that nice contrast and color in your face, you may need to use twice as much!

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