Top 5 (Simple) Self-Tanning Tips

It is easy to envy someone with a stellar tan. A subtle hint of color can make you appear more youthful, healthy and svelte. And who doesn’t want to look like they have just returned from an exotic vacation at an exclusive tropical spot? Here are 5 ways to guarantee that a tan will look fresh and natural!

Exfoliate. You have probably heard it a thousand times, but the only way to insure that your knees, elbows and other rough areas of your body’s skin aren’t subjected to streaks is to exfoliate with a gentle wash or scrub before you tan. Neglecting these areas will result in less than perfect results, and no tan at all is better than a messy fake tan!

Do your research. Depending on what your skin shade is or how your skin reacts to different tanning products will mean that you may require a specific type of product. It is best to test an area before committing to a product fully. Products available are sprays (in a variety of shades), tan towels (in different sizes and in convenient individual pouches) and the typical gels and lotions applied from a bottle. You may envy your friend’s dark tan, but remember that when you use a shade much darker than your own, you are more susceptible to streaking. It is best to use a gradual self-tanner or try out a lighter shade before going all out.

. If you do go the gradual self-tanner route, make sure to keep up the previous steps in order to build up to and maintain the shade you desire. If you neglect to keep it up, it will fade faster, and you will have to start the process from scratch. Keeping a great tan isn’t a talent- it’s simply time spent and, best of all, minimal effort!

Consider a Spray Tan. You have probably heard a dozen horror stories, but machines such as the VersaSpa tan system, when utilized properly, can result in a deep, natural-looking tan. It may not be self-applied, but that only means it is even easier! It is an automatic sunless tanning treatment that sprays and dries your tan in under a minute. Make sure to pat those typical rough areas dry after you tan and wear loose clothing on the drive home. For a lighter tan, wait at least 4 hours for the shade to develop before you shower- for a deeper tan, shower the next morning. Easy peasy!

Show It Off. Don’t hide your new tan. Applying the right product or utilizing the right kind of sunless machine will insure that you will be even more excited to get into that pair of jean shorts. We don’t get tan to hide in the shadows, so invest in a colorful bathing suit or bright white summer top to show the contrast. Next thing you know, people will be asking YOU for tanning advice!

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