3 Tips to Getting a Flawless and Beautiful Self-Tan

3 Tips to Getting a Flawless and Beautiful Self-Tan

It seems easy enough, right? Use one of the tanning lotions from the drug store on a regular basis and you’ll get that lovely deep tan? Unfortunately, maintaining an even, natural looking tan can be difficult and requires a bit of knowledge about how tanning formulas work and what you can do to blend them best. Keep reading to see our top 3 tips for getting a beautiful tan, safely and on a budget.

Keep it Natural

Make sure your skin looks natural, even though you’re using a product from a bottle to achieve that glowing look. The sun doesn’t affect your face completely differently than it does your limbs, so make sure they match! Change your makeup to a darker shade if you’re wearing a significant amount of self-tanner so that everything matches. Also make sure that you apply less self-tanner to your joint areas (elbows and knees in particular) because it appears darker in those places, which also isn’t natural.

Start Fresh

The key to achieving a beautiful, even skin tone is to start with a blank canvas. Be sure to exfoliate and cleanse your skin prior to applying a self-tanner, and you’ll be impressed at the initial results and how much longer your tan lasts. Getting rid of dead and dry skin ensures that the tanning product soaks into skin that’s moisturized and fresh.


In order to maintain the glow you achieve, be sure to reapply regular lotion as well as tanning product. Use regular lotion to keep your joints even in tone, and smooth to the touch. Use a gradual lotion everyday or a stronger tanner every other day if you want to keep deep color. Instead of washing your skin with a loofa, use a light wash cloth without much texture so that you don’t rub off your color.

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