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Eyelash Extension Styles

Eyelash extensions are available in various styles, lengths, and curls. It is hard to choose one. You can get expert advice from the lash technician. He will help you to choose a style according to your eye shape. Let’s talk about some most popular eyelash extension styles.

  1. The Natural Eye

The purpose of this look is to maintain your natural eyelash look. It adds volume and makes you look amazing with long and full lashes. It follows with shorter individual lashes on the inner corner and a gradual flare at the outer corner. This style goes best with almond shape, bulging, single-lid, and close-set eyes.

  • The Doll Eye

This is a glamorous style and makes you look like a doll. It has shorter lashes on the inner corner and the longest lashes on the middle of the eye. It helps to open your eyes and make them appear bigger and shinier. It is the most adaptable style that goes with every eye shape.

  • The Cat Eye

This is one of the most dramatic and feminine styles of eyelash extensions. It begins with short lashes from the inner corner and gradually goes long in the middle and longest at the outer corner of the eye. This style goes best with mono-lid and close-set eyes. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Taylor Swift use the same exotic style.

  • The Staggered Eye

This style is created by mixing short and long lashes to give a voluminous appearance. It is more like a natural eye style but is denser. The style is not for people with fine and thin lashes as it will create a messy look. The natural volume is required to get this style. Celebrities who have this style include Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

  • The Open Eye

The eyelash extensions are concentrated in the center of your eyelid and give a voluminous look. The shorter lashes are present at each corner of the eye. The look is created to make your eyes appear larger. The style goes best for small and hooded eyes.

  • The Colored Eye

Some people like a funky style. The colored eyelash extensions are made from them. They add volume to natural eyelashes and enhance eye color. For example, the violet extensions highlight green eyes, and light blue or navy extensions look amazing with blue eyes. The style is not so popular among working women.

  • The Customized Eye

If you don’t like any of the above styles, you can customize it as you wish. The lash technician will ask you about your requirements. You just need to tell him the desired length, volume, and curls and he will transform your look to absolutely gorgeous.


            A gorgeous outfit and eyelash extensions make a statement. They can transform your look from zero to hero. Your eye shape plays a vital role in choosing the eyelash extension style. Consider your preference and a piece of expert advice before getting it done.