Washing Your Hair

How To Cut Back On Washing Your Hair (Without Looking Like A …

Seriously, stop washing it. By now you’ve already heard about the numerous reasons to cut back on washing your hair, but here’s what no one is telling you: your hair grows faster when you don’t wash it.

Over-washing removes the natural oils from your hair which protect the follicles. Once you strip the oils away, your hair is more prone to breakage, which prevents it from growing.

Don’t go cold turkey. Have you been afraid to stop washing your hair because you think it will become a greasy mess? Well if you completely cut out washing it for 5 days, of course it’s going to look greasy. You have to train your hair. Start by slowly increasing the number of days you go without washing.

The first week wash, your hair every other day. The second week try every two days. Try to build up to only washing once a week. Stay patient with the process, it may take a few months to really get your hair where you want it to be.

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