Hairstyles for Looking Good at Any Age

Just like personality traits, hairstyles are bound to change as we age. At 20, our hair can bounce back from pretty much any tortuous experiments from back-to-back dyeing to sewn-in damaging extensions and headache-inducing tight ponytails. By the time we reach 30, our strands are more than ready for a break. But adopting a flattering hairdo to match every stage of your life can be quite the challenge. Before pouring your time and money to go all “Extreme Makeover”, browse these Instagram-inspired picks for some practical hairstyle ideas that can be easily adapted even for the most unruly hair.


1. Gray Hair for the Young and Fabulous (aka Millenials)

The #GrannyHair hashtag gets a lot of buzz on Instagram and it’s not because grandparents took over the Internet. The 61,000 plus pictures accompanied by this tag belong mostly to millennials who seem to use the Benjamin Button look as a slap in the face of aging.

Obtaining a silvered crown is easier if you already have light blond hair; otherwise you have to bleach it. Either way, there’s plenty of articles and Youtube tutorials walking girls through the process and the end result is nothing short of dramatic. The downside? You’ll most probably be receiving a lot of attention (wanted or otherwise), but we’re guessing you’re not exactly the shy type if you choose to take this color route. (image credit: Lana Jurcevic Official Instagram)

2. Greet Adulthood with a Medium Bob

The 30s are supposed to be all about getting comfortable in your own skin. In terms of hairdos, that could mean settling down for a more laid-back appearance. Enter the medium bob. Great for both naturally curly and straight hair, this style is a perfect trifecta of beauty goals: feminine, versatile and low-maintenance. A smidge of styling gel will help you achieve a sleek, office-appropriate look that can morph at night into loose, beachy waves with the help of a curling iron. Who needs impractical Rapunzel long locks, when you can have an easy to whip up coiffure to go with your busy schedule? (image credit: CaSandra Ortiz Instagram)

3. Make a Bold Statement in Your 40s

As you approach the peak of maturity, you learn to let go of unnecessary baggage whether it’s emotional or just in the form of habits that no longer serve your lifestyle. This is the time to say goodbye to endless hours of preparation in front of the mirror and embrace a more no-fuss beauty routine. A pixie cut will do just that.

The pixie, initially Audrey Hepburn’s hair signature, continues to be a trend among celebrities (Kris Jenner, anyone?), as well as regular women who are simply too tired of hair drama. If you’re going for a fierce look, try making some spikes here and there using styling wax. Hot date on the agenda? Dress it up with some bright-colored earrings. A bonus: the radical decision of chopping off your tame will empower you to take more risks in other areas of your life. (image credit: houdavid23 on Instagram)

4. Carefully Coiffed Hair in Your 50s

They call it the golden age for a reason! You may not know it, but you are probably exuding power and elegance through all your pores, so why not try out a chic look that will meet your demanding standards? Parade those silver-gray hues like a badge of honor, with face-framing medium locks that make you look put together without a ton of upkeep. Children and grandchildren, fun projects and vacation plans — those things worth your undivided attention, not a hairdo. (image credit: vanlaanenj on Instagram)

5. Aging with Grace...and Humor

As everyone that reached 60s, 70s and beyond will tell you, every day should be celebrated like it’s the Fourth of July. Just take a look at , the 87-year-old Instagram sensation who sports a boyish haircut and dresses herself in pretty much every color known to man. Her message is clear: who cares what people think; have fun while you still can! So go on, wear silly hats, dye your crown turquoise or better, shave it bald, if that’s what makes you feel alive. Your grandkids will actually want to hang out with their badass grandma! (image credit: baddiewinkle on Instagram)

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