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Top 10 Tips for Gorgeous Hair

We all want to look beautiful from head to toe, so why not start with your head?  Great hair can be the best accessory of all!  Your hair can make or break an outfit, change the look of your face, and reflect your personality, so make sure it is as beautiful as you are in the inside.  These top 10 tips will get you on your way to the best hair you’ve ever had!

1. An Easy Dandruff Stopper – Nobody like those little white flakes falling on their shoulders.  This simple dandruff stopper is so simple and only requires 1 ingredient.  Read about it here!

2. Have People Stare at Your Gorgeous Hair! – Do you have curly hair or straight hair?  You may have the wrong hairstyle, depending on what kind of hair you have.  Read about the best cuts for your hair, as well as some basic hair care tips.  Find them out here!

3. Eliminating Frizz – Frizzy hair is no fun for anyone.  This super-easy tip can tame those tresses in no time!  Check it out here!

4. Cleaning Your Flat Iron – If you’re a habitual hair straightener, you can lengthen the life of your flat iron by keeping it clean.  Follow these three simple steps and your flat iron will be as good as new.  Here’s how you do it!

5. Long Layers in Wet Weather – Do you live in an area that has a wet climate?  Certain hairstyles work better than others when it gets rainy.  Read about ideal hairstyle for wet weather here!

6. Satin Pillowcases for Smooth Hair – Bed-head is a problem for most of us.  Nobody wants to wake up in the morning looking like the bride of Frankenstein!  This quick tip can ensure you have smooth hair, even early in the morning.  Read about it here!

7. Healthy Hair – Using lots of products and styling tools may be tempting, but is it the best choice for your hair?  If you want the healthiest hair, sometimes you have to stay away from the products.  Read why!

8. Dry Your Hair the Right Way – If you blow dry your hair incorrectly, you could be damaging it on a regular basis.  To keep your hair healthy and to dry your hair quickly, you’ll need to know the best way to dry it.  Here it is!

9. The Painless Way to Pluck – When it comes to hair care, don’t neglect your brows!  If you hate tweezing because it hurts too much, we have the answer for you.  Read about the painless way to pluck right here!

10. Straightening Your Hair – If you dream about straight hair, but can never get it quite perfect, this tip is just for you.  For the straightest hair possible, follow this quick tip!

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