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6 Fuss-Free Winter Hair Fixes

We complain when the humidity makes our hair too big, but the winter also causes a bunch of problems for our locks. Dryness, static and flat hair are all major issues that most women deal with, no matter if your hair is thick or thin, curly or straight. Here are 6 quick fixes to deal yucky winter hair.

1. Condition Your Locks – One of the most troublesome things about the winter is that it dries out year, leaving looking completely lifeless. In order to give your hair some added vigor, you should try do deep condition it every couple weeks. If possible, purchase a conditioner that is more intensive, and use it every day.

2. Shampoo Every Other Day – Not only does shampooing every day strip away the natural oils your hair needs to look healthy and shiny, but it’s also time-consuming. Instead, shampoo your hair every other day. On the days that you skip shampooing, rinse it with water while you shower, and make sure to brush it out once you’re done.

3. Skip The Tools – Heated tools, such as straighteners and curling irons, tend to dry out your hair. Opt for letting your hair air-dry if you plan to stay home for a while. It might give you a new look to work with, and it will prevent all the damage that the heat might have caused.

4. Protect It – The wind, sun and snow can be particularly damaging to your locks during the winter. But a cute scarf can protect your hair from winter’s damaging elements. Plus it’s a super way to change up your look.

5. A Little Trim – Getting your hair cut, even just a trim, is enough to keep your hair looking healthy. Split ends are pretty common for all hair types during the winter, but a tiny hair cut, is enough to make your hair look good!

6. Save Yourself From Static – The lack of moisture in the air during the winter is enough for any woman to get that nasty staticky hairstyle. Save a little extra cash, and splurge on a silk pillowcase. If you’re looking for a cheaper trick, rub a dryer sheet over your hair before you plan to go out and you feel the static in your tresses.

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