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5 Cute And Easy Winter Hairstyles

Change up your look without even getting a haircut this winter. These five hairstyles will cover you for the entire season. Trust us! We’ve seen these looks on more than a couple of celebs, and plus, we think they’re downright cute too!

High Braided Bun – This look is a little complex, but it’s exotic and looks fabulous on most face shapes. First, tie up a tight, high ponytail with an elastic that’s the color of your hair. Then divide your ponytail into three sections. Braid and secure with a second elastic. Make sure the braid looks good, then hold it up and twist it around itself. Secure it to your head with another elastic, or bobby pins then finish off the look with hairspray.

Large and in Charge Ponytail – When you’re having a bad hair day, we bet that the first thing that comes to mind is just to put you hair up and forget about it. We totally agree, but with one catch. Make sure that pony is sexy and poofy! Those two words don’t usually make it into the same sentence together, but this winter, they definitely will. Backcomb your hair to make it look messy, and add some funky earrings or a cute headband.

French Braid – It’s a little old school, and you might not have tried it since you were missing your two front teeth, but this fun hairstyle is making a comeback. Since it’s pretty tricky to do on your own, ask a friend or family member to do it for you. You can even find guides on how to make a French braid all over the Internet. Just make sure to pair the look with some flirty accessories and you’ll be looking hot!

Curl it Over Pony – Skip the straight side pony! Curl that baby instead. We’re not talking Annie-style curls, but opt a classic wave in your pony gives you a beautiful look that can be casual or dressed up. If you’re rocking bangs, this look is definitely for you. If not, make a side part that gives the look of bangs. Add in some hair spray so the look keeps all day.

30-Second Updo – Smooth out your hair by blow-drying it straight completely. Then tease it, beginning at your forehead and ending at the peak of your head. Secure your hair into a high ponytail, then arrange the tail so that it is under itself. It should look like a sort of bun. But don’t just leave the bun out. Pin it down to give it a messy look, but make sure that the hair that’s pulled back into the pony lays flat on your head.

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