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4 Fun Hairstyles That Take Years Off

We often wonder how some older celebs (Diane Lane!) still seem to look so youthful. Well, most of them do dabble in plastic surgery, but the other trick is that they change their hairstyle pretty regularly. Many of them have found looks that not only subtract years from their faces, but that actually complement their face shapes as well. Here are four hot hairstyles that can make you look younger, and feel confident too!

1. Long, Lovely Layers – You might have heard that when you get older, your hair should always get shorter, but that’s not necessarily true. For a fun look that makes you look younger and hipper, try long layers. To make sure your hair looks brilliant after your salon appointment, apply mousse after you shower to give your hair body and volume. Then blow-dry your hair with a flat brush. Don’t make your hair super straight, try tousled waves instead.  

2. Side-Swept – Bangs can be super cute, and we’re not just talking on toddlers. But you can make a ton of mistakes when you add bangs to your look; mistakes that can age you instantly. Skip the blocky bangs. One-length, choppy bangs don’t flatter many women. Instead, ask for side-swept bangs to give you a feminine look. Pair it with a wavy pony.

3. Short and Sweet – Not only is short hair easier to manage, but it can also make you look hot and sophisticated. Just make sure you don’t go for the mushroom look! Ask for a layered bob, and make sure to add some light mousse to it. Flirty, fun and feminine totally defines this look. Flip it out with a round brush, and you’ll be smiling for days!

4. Subtle Highlights – It’s easier to go darker when you’re trying to hide grays, but that color might not be the best one to help you look younger. Soft highlights that aren’t overdone can showcase your beautiful facial features. Just remember to only try this look if you’re able to keep dying your hair regularly. Highlights can fade fast.

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