5 Cute Ways To Wear Your Hair

5 Cute Ways To Wear Your Hair

Toss the anxiety to the wind, and really make your hair look and feel its best. Here are 5 fun and easy ways to wear your hair!

1. Loose Waves – We’ll be the first ones to admit that curling your own hair isn’t a piece of cake. But somewhere along the road, a fashionista discovered that you can actually curl your hair using a flat iron! All you need to do is section your hair out, and grab the first piece. Start from the top, and clamp your flat iron down and twist outward. Hold for a couple seconds. Then move down your hair, and press the iron down, but twist inward this time. Each piece of your section should alternate between being twisted in or out to give your hair an adorable looks full of waves.

2. Tousled Bun – First, towel dry your hair, and don’t worry about if it looks perfect. You’re going to take care of that in a second. Then use a curling iron to make some messy, uneven curls. Next, pull your hair back and tie it into a messy braid. Let a couple pieces fall to the sides of your face, and then pin back the braid to the nape of your neck. If you’re not feeling those free-flowing pieces of hair, let your curling iron on them, and make them look a little more elegant.

3. Sleek Straight – Whether your hair is super thick or thin, you can always give yourself a shiny celeb-look. All you need to do is apply a few dabs of leave-in conditioner to wet hair, then blow-dry each section with a round brush. Take your time here! When finished create a part right down the middle and let your flow in front of you. If you can’t your hair perfectly sleek with a blow-dryer, it’s alright to try your straightener too.

4. Fancy Half Up-Do – Traditionally most half up styles call for the top half to be sky high and the bottom to be on the tame side. But things are getting switched up, and we’re all for change. Pull back your hair smoothly and tie it so that it stays put in a tidy way. Curl the hair that didn’t make it into the up-do, and tease it so that it’s full of volume and pizazz.

5. Cheerleader Pony – Remember your high school days at the pep rallies as the cheer leaders and pom pom girls would jump around doing dances and strutting their stuff? Good times! The classic cheerleader up-do is making a fierce comeback, but don’t distress! If that wasn’t your scene in high school, you can still take the look now. Brush through your hair completely, and don’t worry if it starts to frizz. Then use a flat iron to straighten it. Tie it up in a high, tight ponytail using a hair-color elastic. Then wrap a fun scrunchie or barrette around the tie to give your hair a sprinkle of color.

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