7 Tips For Getting Long, Flowing Hair

You’re probably never going to be able to get the luscious locks of Rapunzel, but let’s be real here, she’s probably got tons of dead ends anyway. That’s not the kind of mane you want! Instead, we want your hair to look beautiful, shiny and most of all, healthy! Keep reading for our best tips to getting your locks to glow!

1. Trim It – Sorry Rapunzel, but we’re not feeling the super long look anymore. Most hairdressers recommend that women get their hair trimmed at least every 12 weeks, or even sooner. If you have layers, you shouldn’t wait nearly that long for a small cut. Visit your stylist ever 4-6 weeks.
2. Not Just For Muscles – When we think about protein, the images that come to mind might be huge hunks of meat and bodybuilding. But protein is actually a critical player when it comes to growing your hair out, too. Make sure to eat enough dietary protein such as, lean meats, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, soy, nuts, grains and seeds for healthy hair.
3. Moisturizing Madness – We all know that when our skin gets dry, irritation and redness often follows. But did you know that your hair needs moisture too? Without it, it might become dry, flat and not cooperative with the latest hairstyles. After shampooing your hair, apply a dab of conditioner to your ends and rub it in. Wash it out after a minute or two, and if need be, apply a leave-in conditioner after you exit the shower.
4. The Easy Way Out – It takes a long time to grow your hair out. That’s especially true if you just got a pixie cut and you’ve realized that it really doesn’t fit you. If you’re short on time, and if you hair is at least shoulder-length, you could try extensions. The simplest route is to try clip-in extension. You can put them in yourself, and take them out whenever you want. Other options include bonding, which uses a special glue, or braiding, where the extensions are braided into small sections of your hair.
5. Wrap It Up – When you’re taking your daily shower, cut out a good chunk of time by skipping the shampoo and conditioner. You heard us right! We’re actually telling you to wash your hair once every couple days, as opposed to the daily routine you’re used to. Shampooing your hair daily and strip away the natural oils your hair needs to look smooth and healthy. If the idea of skipping a day just doesn’t appeal to you, then at least try a dry shampoo spray.
6. Careful Brushing – If you have a huge knot, of course you’re going to do everything you can with that brush to get it out. But other than that situation, you should really avoid harshly brushing your hair. Comb your fingers through your hair before you even think about grabbing the brush. That’ll actually make the brushing process easier, and that means less pain for you.
7. Stay Stress-Free – Stress is a major cause of hair loss, and if you’re trying to grow your hair out, that’s the last thing you need. While it’s hard to stay away from stress since it seems to creep into our lives at the worst times, having a good support system and a couple hobbies that make you happy can be extremely helpful. Remember, your hair will thank you for it!

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