Common Hair Emergencies

5 Solutions for Common Hair Emergencies

We’re solving five of your worst hair nightmares! From dried out hair to choppy split-ends, we’ve got the tips to get your hair back to its flawless roots (pun intended!). Wave bye-bye to bad hair days, and say hello to the locks you’ve always wanted but were unsure of how to get! Nice hair has never been this easy!

1. Over-Using the Straightener or Blow Dryer – The straight look might be in, but the dry, damaged look definitely isn’t. Using your flat-iron day in and day out may turn your curls to pin-straight strands, but I takes a real toll on your locks. To get your hair back up to snuff, it needs moisture, and lots of it! Try using a deep-conditioning mask once a week to bring back the hydration your hair has been missing. And if you can’t put the flat-iron away for a couple days per week, at least use a silicone-based serum before you turn on the heat.

2. Flat, Limp Hair – Everyone seems to have a favorite shampoo and conditioner, but switching up the products you use, can be a major benefit to your hair.  Opt for a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to give your hair a lift. For extra body, use hair rollers or a curling iron for big, bouncy curls. Use a thickening spray to top off your look and keep your hair managed, but still volumized.

3. Dry, Frizzy Hair – Don’t think that just because you have bigger hair that frizzes all-year long that the sleek look isn’t ever going to happen. All you need it a little bit of smoothing cream to get rid of frizz. Look for a product that goes on both wet and dry hair, so you can use it after the shower and for daytime touch-ups. With curly locks, scrunch a curl-enhancing mousse into wet hair for defined curls. Let curls air dry to reduce frizz.

4. Oily, Greasy Hair – It’s the opposite of dry, frizzy hair, but some would argue that oily locks, are just as bad. The problem comes when your hair actually gets greasy after you shower. To help reduce the over-hydrated look, make sure to shampoo your hair daily and leave it in for 5 minutes. Then wash it out with cool water. Skip the conditioner, as it actually adds more moisture in your hair. Try to limit product usage as well. Gels and creams can trap the oils, and give your hair an overly-shiny look. If these products are necessary for your hair, try using products that are water-based instead.

5. Split Ends – Unfortunately, if you’re trying to grow your hair out, split ends might be the last opponent you’ll end up facing near the end of your journey. Rather than fight them head-on, the smartest decision is to just…chop them off. You’ll be losing a couple inches, but you’ll end up having healthier hair. Once you’ve gotten the cut, invest in a good leave-in conditioner and apply a dab of it to damp hair after you’ve showered.

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