The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

If you’ve noticed that more and more celebrities are rockin’ bangs, you’re 100% right! From Reese Witherspoon to Vanessa Hudgens, these women know exactly what type of bangs they can pull off. And it’s not always about going to the over-priced hairstylist either. Just as long as you know what looks good on you, and you tell your hairstylist what you want, you’ll have a hot new look! Keep reading to find out which fringe flatters your face shape and which to avoid.

Oval: If you’ve got this face shape, bangs are a must! You can pull off pretty much any look, you lucky girl! Best of all, there aren’t many rules that apply to you when it comes to bangs. You can try long, side-swept bangs if you’re all about the cute, feminine look. But if you want to try something a little sexier, opt for heavy bangs that skim your brows.

Celebs with this face shape: Halle Berry and Sienna Miller
Square: Avoid strait, blunt bangs as they add more angulars to your face. Longer bangs that hang over your forehead (curtain-style) and graze your eyebrows will soften your face and help hide a large forehead. Also, side-swept bangs can be gorgeous if you have the patience to blow-dry and manage them everyday.

Celebs with this face shape: Jessica Biel and Carmen Electra
Round: Your best choice is definitely going to be layered side-swept bangs if you have this face shape. Stars like Cameron Diaz have been wearing this look for years, and why not? It’s always going to flatter your face shape. Plus, bangs that frame your face tend to give you some angles, making your round, baby-like face, a bit sexier. Just make sure to avoid blunt bangs as they can make your face look even rounder.

Celebs with this face shape: Mandy Moore and Kate Bosworth
Heart: Long, layered bangs that are wispy and featherlike are perfect for heart-shaped faces. Separate the pieces so they fall over your forehead playfully. If you’re not feeling this look, why not try side-swept bangs? They have the ability to balance out your wider cheeks, and give you an ultra-cute look!

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