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8 Tricks To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

Whether you prefer to get your hair professionally dyed or you rather do it yourself from home, the costs of coloring can add up quickly. That’s why it’s so important to make that hair color last as long as possible. Watching it fade after only a week or so is a major bummer, and it’s enough to make you a bit down in the dumps. That’s especially true if you have wisps of gray peaking through or some super dark roots are mixing with your bright blond dye-job. Keep reading to get the full scoop on how to make your hair color last.

1. Early Conditioning
If you don’t take proper care of your hair the week before you plan to dye it, you might be in fr some trouble. Make sure to deep condition your hair three days before you dye it to give it an extra boost of moisture. However, don’t condition your hair at all after the deep conditioning treatment.

2. Do Shampoo
A day before your dye-job, lather up your hair with shampoo to clean it thoroughly and get rid of any build-up or dirt that it may have picked up. However, that should be the last time you clean your hair before you plan to dye it. The natural oils in your hair will help the color stick.

3. Close to Natural
Though you might want to go for a major change and dye your blonde hair black, be aware that the farther away you go from your natural hair color, the more noticeable the dye-job is. Plus, once the roots start to grow out, you won’t have to worry about re-dying your hair right away.

4. Skip the Sun
Spending too much time in the sun is another big reason why your new hair color is quickly fading. Lucky for you, there are now hair sunscreen products that protect your color if you plan on being in the sun for long. Or you can just go the easy route and purchase a cute hat.

5. Hurtful Heat
Blow-dryers and flat-irons will make your hair more manageable and straighter, but they also speed up the hair-color fading process. If you can’t part with these tools, at least stay away from them during the first week after your dye-job. Then gradually add them back into your hair care routine.

6. After the Job
You’ll need a special shampoo after you’ve colored your hair, but don’t think you have to go to a fancy salon to pick up the product. Many companies have created reasonably-priced shampoos that are specifically formulated to treat dyed hair and help the color stay longer. Shampoo your hair once every couple days. The more you shampoo the faster color fades.

7. Cool Water
Don’t wash your hair in hot water, as it can break the cuticles of your hair and leave it vulnerable to color fading. Instead, opt for lukewarm water at the beginning of your shower and drop the temperature to cool near the end.

8. Say No to Swimming
There’s a reason why you don’t catch many women splashing in the water on a hot summer day. The chlorine in swimming pools strip away hair dye, and could leave you with faded hair color.

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