5 Tricks to Hide A Bad Haircut

It’s happened to so many women. You’re at a new salon, and the hairstylist decides to ignore your instructions about just wanting a trim. Before you know it, your hair is 4 inches shorter, and the tears are starting to build. Sure, maybe your hair will look good when your hairstylist works on it, but you know that it’s going to be much harder for you to reproduce that look at home. Now it’s damage control time. Check out our tricks for hiding that bad ‘do!

1. Hats, Headbands, Ribbons, Oh My!
Accessories will be your best friends if your hair gets butchered at the salon. Though you can’t wear a hat everywhere, you can definitely plop one on if you plan on going out. Try cute ones from Marshalls or Nordstrom. A headband can also push hair (or bad bangs!) out of your face and away from the notice of everyone you’re around.

2. Powerful Pony
Putting your hair up and back will hide many bad haircuts. The exceptions here are if you’ve got your bangs cut too short or you’ve got new layers. In that case, clip both back with a couple bobby pins. They don’t even need to be black either. Cute-colored pins are coming back in style, so you might even be ahead of the fashion curve because of your no-longer disaster ‘do.

3. Too Straight
Your haircut will be much more noticeable if you straighten your hair or blow-dry that way. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, let it do its own thing and be free. Just use a bit of leave-in conditioner and hair-spray to eliminate frizz. Women with naturally straight hair can you a bit of mousse on damp hair. Just flip it over and scrunch. No one will even know you got a haircut!

4. A Big Change
While this is one of the most drastic options, some women dye their hair a different color in order to take away from the haircut. This works great if you’re already going gray and you’d like to try a new shade of brown or red. Make sure to talk to your hairstylist (not the same one that ruined your hair!) and see what his or her thoughts are on color.

5. Chin Up
No matter what, your hair will grow back. Tell yourself that there are more important things to worry about, and laugh a little. These types of things happen to everyone, and more women have dealt with it than you might realize. If your haircut really is that bad, there’s nothing wrong with going back to the salon and telling the hairstylist. Most salons will give you a free style (from a different professional!). If you look bad leaving their salon, they look bad, too. Let them know that.

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