4 Cute Everyday Hairstyles

4 Cute Everyday Hairstyles

There’s nothing “basic” about these four hairstyles. Though they’re casual enough for a trip to supermarket, they’ve still got enough flair to get you through a jittery first date. Treat your hair with these fun looks! Wear one tomorrow morning, afternoon and night!

  1. Untidy Side – While we do love the more formal buns you’d see out at a dinner party, creating a messy side knot works better on a daily basis. First apply a straightening to cream to damp hair, then blow-dry so that your strands are smoothed out. Pull your hair back and to the side into a low ponytail, but leave some of the ends out. Then wind it into a bun, and make sure it stays with a couple bobby pins. Finish off that look with a mist of hairspray.

  2. Skinny Mini – Last summer, we told you about bandeau headbands, and boy, were they big! Now thinner bands are back in action, and all you need to do is slip one on your head and tease the front part of your hair. That way the headband will slip right onto it perfectly. We recommend sticking to a black band so you can spice up your makeup any way you want.

  3. Fake A Bob – Just the thought of chopping off your long locks might be enough to get you to jump out of your seat, and we understand. But you can still try a fake bob! Here’s what you do: Create a side part in your hair, then pull it back into a low pony. Tie it with an elastic, and flip the hair upward within the hair that didn’t make it into the pony. It should now look like your hair is several inches shorter. Secure it with many more pins than you’d usually use. After all, you want this ‘do to stick.

  4. Retro Flip – If there’s one decade that we’re channeling this year, it would have to be the ‘70s! Remember the flip? It’s back and better then ever! Use a large-barrel curling iron on your locks, and curl away from your face. This light look is perfect all-year-round, and if you think the curls are too chunky, use your fingers to spread them apart. Add a bit of hairspray to hold the look.

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