8 Tricks to Getting Thick, Beautiful Hair

8 Tricks to Getting Thick, Beautiful Hair

Straight-sleek cuts have finally fallen from the beauty charts, and thick locks are all the rage! Women with thinner hair don’t need to worry though. Check out these 7 simple tricks to create big bombshell hair!

1. It Starts in the Shower

Giving your hair some extra oomph isn’t just about styling it after it’s dried. You’ve got to get things rolling in the shower first. Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner from your local drugstore, and make sure that the conditioner is light. Heavier products tend to weight your hair down. 

2. Condition Correctly

Did you know that there’s a right way to condition your hair? You’re only supposed to condition the ends of your locks. Over-conditioning roots will leave your hair flat, and it’ll be difficult to get the volume you crave after that. 

3. Hair Rollers

Everyone in the 1970s seemed to own hot rollers, and hopefully you kept yours because they’re back in style. Spritz almost-dry hair with a spray gel. Then separate all of your hair into small, tidy sections. Take a roller and place it on the end of a section of hair and slowly roll the roller and hair up toward your scalp. Secure it with a bobby pin and spray with a light hairspray. When all sections of hair are rolled, let your hair dry completely for about an hour.

4. Topsy Turvy

Mom knew what she was doing when she blow-dried her hair upside down. It’s a quick and easy way to make your hair look and feel thicker. Just make sure to use a large brush and lift the roots as you use it. 

5. Parting Ways

One of the easiest ways to give your hair a boost without changing your look too drastically is to switch how you rock your part. We all have natural parts, and by changing it to the side or forcing it down the middle, it automatically gives our hair a fun bump.

6. Other Products

Having thin hair is relatively common, so there are a variety of thickening products available on the market. Some of our favorites are root boosting mousses, root lifting sprays and light-hold hair sprays. These products are made to add fullness to your hair no matter how fine your hair is. Be cautious about using too many products though, as that can weigh your hair down.

7. Snip Snip

Not everyone wants to deal with styling their hair every single day to get that big, beautiful look. That’s where your hairstylist comes in. If you’re serious about getting some real body then ask your stylist to give layers at your next appointment. Here are other things you need to discuss with your stylist before going through with the cut.

8. Reboost

If your hair falls flat halfway through the day, this tip will help pump up its volume again.  Flip your head upside-down and put your hair in a ponytail on top of your head.  Leave it like that for about 10 minutes. When you let your hair down again, you’ll have much more body.

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