How to Save Your Hair from Summer’s Side Effects

How to Save Your Hair from Summer’s Side Effects

With the onset of summer vacation, we’re all looking forward to lazy days by the pool, backyard BBQs, trips to the beach and other fun in the sun. Of course you’ll need to lather on the SPF to save your skin from the sun’s harsh rays, but this summer, be sure to give your hair some extra TLC as well. Too often, as summer comes to a close, I help hair recover from damage that could have been avoided with some simple steps.

Pool Precautions

Before taking a dip in the pool or wading into the ocean, pre-moisten your hair with distilled water. Since hair is naturally porous, it will automatically absorb the water that you dive into, but also absorb any chemicals or bacteria as well. Taking a few seconds to infuse those pores with clean water molecules, you can lessen the chance of chlorine, sea salt and bacteria getting in and causing damage.

Masque Your Mane

Try to stop by the salon once a week for a cleansing hair masque. If your schedule is too busy for a visit, pick one up to use at home, such as Je Veux’s Nourishing Mask, which enriches hair follicles with nutrients from root to scalp. Elasticity and vitality are added to the hair, preventing breakage and other damage from the products and the elements. For those with highlights and color treatments, masques can also aid in the prevention of color fade that is often accelerated by time spent in the sun, pool and ocean. With organic lines such as Je Veux, all natural products are used such as Moroccan Argan oil, Dead Sea minerals and Indian Neem Oil, so that hair is not weighed down by chemical additives.

Another organic line is Italy’s Davines. The Well Being De Stress Be-Phase Shelter Spray can be used to hydrate and moisturize both hair and skin, leaving them soft and silky. Wheat proteins moisturize and condition while UV filters shield against pollution, salt water, chlorine and sun. Over time, tresses will benefit from a reduction in breakage as well. With benefits for both skin and hair, this is an ideal item to keep in one’s beach bag.

Save the Salon for After the Sand

Want to extend the life of your highlights and color? Plan your trip for post beach bumming. If you stop by before your vacation, the sand, salt and sun will shorten the life of the color treatments, so that you’ll be seeing roots grow out faster than you might expect. For longer lasting color – and for a mini vacation from your vacation, book your appointment for after your return.

Accessorize Accordingly

While rubber bands and elastics might be necessary for the gym, try to avoid them as accessories. For an afternoon in the sun, choose a cute visor to keep hair out of your eyes. From feathers and rhinestones to grosgrain and tortoise shell, there’s a style of headband to coordinate with any outfit. These fashionable accessories will provide much less wear on your hair than elastics, which increase the chances of breakage. So, you can keep both your hair and your fashion palate healthy this summer.

So save your hair from the wear and tear this summer. With some extra care, you’ll find yourself with luscious locks at summer’s end instead of a distressed do!

This article was written and published with permission by Bill Murphy, founder of William David Salon.

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