Short and Chic Hair!

Short and Chic Hair!

When we have shorter hair, we are using our smarts- it is easier to maintain and gets in the way much less often than long, fussy hair does! Another terrific benefit of a cute short cut is that it gives us a chic allure. Beauties like Audrey Hepburn and model Twiggy had sleek and pretty short cuts. Which is best for you? Take a look at these sweet looks!

When you go for a short cut, be sure you want it! Sometimes it is better to start off gradually with a simple bob and then graduate to a blunt cut. However you choose to do it, make sure to take our advice below!

Sheek pixie cut. Let your face shine and put that jawline on display! If you are proud of your face, this is the cut for you. There is no hiding behind hair with this classy look. This is a go-to look for models, but you don’t have to grace the covers of fashion magazines to pull this look off! This style looks particulary pretty with a pair of chandelier earrings.

Blunt bob with bangs.
 Bangs (or fringe to the Brits) are a lovely way to frame and put focus on your beautiful face. If you have big eyes or are especially proud of their color, this is the ideal way to put them front and center. A touch of eyeliner will make your eyes pop and the short style will draw the attention that you never got with that long untameable hairstyle!

Close-cropped with a fringe.
 This look allows you to have side bangs or choppy bangs that are longer than the back of the hair. The back and sides are typically cut closely, leaving some length to play with at the top. This is an easy look to maintain with a dab of pomade or a cute headband. It is also a popular favorite of many celebrities!

Have curly hair?
 There is no need to have any worries if you have thick, curly hair (lucky you). Curly hair can be cut on the shorter side if it is kept at least three inches long on the sides and cut around the shape of one’s head. You won’t be channeling Little Orphan Annie with this look! Use a mousse product to keep it tame and confined or leave the curls loose for a carefree look that still keeps your neck cool in the warm months!

Here are more fun and easy styles to try for hair of all lengths!

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