A Mature Women's Guide to Everything Hair-Related

A Mature Women’s Guide to Everything Hair-Related

We’ve assembled all of our best tips on getting great hair over 50! Whether your problem is greys, flyaways, or thinning hair, this guide will help you determine the right way to fix it. Keep reading for a list of guides to everything from cut to color to texture for aging hair.

Hair Color 101 For Mature Women: Hair color can cover gray, freshen up your overall look and flatter you more if you consider age and hair color. Read on to find out what you need to know about hair color for mature women and why your hair isn’t and shouldn’t be the color it was when you were 20!

A Few Fab Hairstyles for Women Over 50: Just because some of us are 50 or older, doesn’t mean our hair has to be flat, dull, or boring! Even though as we age the composition and demeanor of our hair changes, we can adapt by choosing new, fashionable styles that flatter our best features!

The Best Haircuts for Mature Women: The key to hair over 50 is to keep it simple, chic and appropriate, whether you are active in the workforce or spending your time enjoying life with family and friends. Read more to find out how you can have sleek and simple hair in no time at all!

A Guide to Short and Chic Hair: When we have shorter hair, we are using our smarts- it is easier to maintain and gets in the way much less often than long, fussy hair does! Another terrific benefit of a cute short cut is that it gives us a chic allure. Which cut is best for you? Take a look at these sweet looks!

How to Beat Fine Hair: Learn how to combat the fine hair that comes with age, and get advice on great new styles and products that make your hair look and feel fuller.

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