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The Most Versatile Haircut Yet!

Go from day to night, put it up or down, look classic and chic and current at the same time. Why debate over the best haircut of the moment when you can have a style that is easy to maintain and endlessly versatile? Keep reading for the most versatile haircut yet!

The best way to look chic is to stay simple with your cut and have a look that allows for versatility depending on the situation. If you cut your hair too short and want to create a romantic look for a wedding or special event, it can be difficult. A pretty glittery clip can certainly add flare to your look, but it isn’t the same as achieving that tousled wavy look that gives you an ethereal edge. This cut allows you to pull your hair back, put it up, keep it loose and pretty and still has enough of a blunt shape that it can be edgy and simple at the same time.

Overview of Haircut
What is the haircut exactly? The general shape would be called a ‘long bob with asymmetrical bangs’, but it can be tailored to your own needs if you choose. Sideswept bangs can both be controlled and can also look wispy and delicate.

A long bob should hit the shoulders or just above and looks good on women with both thick and fine hair. You can incorporate more layers if you have thin or fine hair to add dimension to the overall shape, but avoid adding too many as it takes away from the general bob esthetic.

Asymmetry of the bangs allows you to push them to the side, blow them out or tuck them under your ear. The bangs are the part of this look that can be altered to your tastes and everyday looks.

Celebrity Inspiration

Who has a cut that is similar to this look? Jennifer Aniston and Heidi Klum have had a version of this cut for some time now, and designer/reality star Lauren Conrad has a very pretty simple version of this particular cut. Both Liv Tyler and Gwyneth Paltrow have created their own look with this style; Gwyneth’s is edgy and stark blond while Liv tends to add waves to hers; it gives her hair bounce that shines when it hits the light.

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