4 Cute & Effortless Hairstyles

by eyount
4 Cute & Effortless Hairstyles

Craving voluminous hair that is also cute and easy? Read on for four styles that will save you time and energy in the morning hours. These effortless styles will last into the evening and beyond.

Long Waves Overnight
Time Spent: Mere minutes
(the night before)
Who has the time to curl their hair every morning, brush it out and use products to keep it in place? Shower in the evening and create quick braids with damp hair. Keep your hair in the braids overnight. Simply undo the braids in the morning and shake out your hair. Instant goddess!

30-Second Updo

Time Spent: We hope you don't have to ask!
Begin with smooth, blow-dryed hair. Tease the front, beginning at your forehead and ending at the peak of your head. Secure your hair into a high ponytail, then arrange the tail so that it is under itself, similar to a bun. Pin it down to give it a messy and relaxed look. You look casually chic and can add a fun bobby pin to complete the look.
Move it to the Side
Time Spent: 5-6 Minutes

The side braid, popular with celebs like Lauren Conrad, known for her effortless style, is both playful and surprisingly easy to achieve. This look works for both shorter and longer hair. You can create a small side braid with the hair on the side of your head, near your ear. Tie a small braid starting at your temple and continue down to the side. Use a small hair tie to tie the hair at the back of your head. Instant boho beauty; this look is effortless and gives off a very cool vibe.
Hit New Heights
Time Spent: 1-2 minutes
Achieve awesome volume by blowing your hair upwards instead of outwards. Remove the hairdryer's air concentrator so that you can muss up your hair as it dries and lift your hair from the roots for a sultry look. Finish the look by directly applying heat on the roots with the lowest setting to achieve a thick and shiny mane!


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