5 Beautifully Simple Hairstyles

by eyount
5 Beautifully Simple Hairstyles

These seven styles are sweet and simple. Nothing is worse than being in a rush on a workday, your hair a hot mess. Use these easy styling tips for getting yourself out of the house and starting your day in no time at all: people will never know how easy it was!

Double Up
Two headbands are better than one! Layer a sparkly stunner with a stretchy colored band. It will keep your hair back and out of your face, but most importantly, it looks chic and clean.
Go Vintage
Just like the headband, hair combs were created to both look beautiful and keep hair simple and out of the face. We have observed quite a few haircombs on the British PBS hit show Downton Abbey, and we think this is a look worth revisiting: the past has become the future with pretty combs like these from ETSY. Whether they are vintage finds or new creations by artisans, they add whimsy and practicality to almost any look.
Let Loose
Create a loose bun at the nape of your neck and pin with bobby pins that match your hair color for a classic look that will look like it took much longer than 2 minutes!
Punch It Up
You may be afraid to add color to your locks, but you don't have to rely on permanent dyes. You can utilize colored hair extensions or flashy barrettes for a fun change. We like these extensions and these lovely barrettes.
Up the Ante
If you are blessed with piles of curls, pile them loosely on the center back of your head and pin. You may want to apply a dime-sized amount of frizz tamer to keep them in place, but other than that, this look is a no-brainer!
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