The Best Ways to Care for Mature Hair

The Best Ways to Care for Mature Hair
As we age, hair demands special treatment and lots of care and conditioning to keep it healthy and strong. Hair naturally dries out over time, and you can combat these effects by having a good daily routine. Keep reading to see our tips for taking care of your hair at any age.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not good to wash your hair every day. Even if you have hair that is thin and looks unclean if you don't wash it, don't shampoo it each day. Alternate days of showering with shampoo and conditioner, and on the other days use just conditioner and a rinse. It'll look clean, without the drying effects of shampoo, which removes natural oils on your scalp and hair that keep hair shiny and healthy, naturally.

Be sure to use a regular conditioner every day, and once every three days, do a special conditioning treatment. Use a 5-minute deep conditioner after you shampoo, and rinse it out at the end of your shower. This will drastically improve the appearance and health of your hair. If you have extra time, try putting on your deep conditioner, and putting a showercap over your head. Sleep with your deep conditioner on your hair, and wash it off in the morning. Giving conditioner a few hours to work will noticeably improve hair health.

When using a curling iron, straightener, or any other appliance that heats hair, be sure to protect it with an adequate product. Use a thermal spray to protect from heat-induced damage. Use a serum such as Chi on your hair right after a shower so that protection soaks in from the beginning of the day.

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