4 Quick Hair Updates

by eyount
4 Quick Hair Updates
Are you stuck in a beauty rut when it comes to your locks? You may not be experimental enough right now, whether you have a wedding or event coming up or just plain don't want to risk hating a short new 'do, but there are ways you can update your look that don't involve drastic measures. Keep reading for the easy ways you can update your look from 'blah' to 'beautiful' in no time at all.

Blow-Dry Beauty
Instead of your normal rushed blowdry, utilize a product that will give your roots a lift and add more body to your look overall. We love root boosting products from TIGI. Mist the roots and flip upside down for the first few minutes of your blowdry to amplify the 'Oomph' factor. Let your inner sex kitten shine and take the extra minute to use two Velcro rollers to create face-framing waves. This look is achieved within a couple of minutes and only takes a little longer than your usual look. Be sure to spray the wrapped hair lightly so that it holds it's shape, then run your fingers through it to give yourself a tousled look worthy of any night out.

Shine On

Shiny hair comes the easiest place---your showerhead! You may enjoy a warmer shower, but rinse your mane with cooler water before stepping out of the shower. Your hair will look shinier and anything but dull! Redken also makes a terrific glass smoothing serum that gives hair a glossy shine that people will constantly be asking you about!
Parting Ways
We know you are used to the way you part your hair, but think about how much of a difference it makes when you do something as simple as move your part, whether it's to the center or to the right instead of to the left. It changes up your entire look and will have people asking what is different about you! If you have roots coming through, make sure to try a zigzag part instead of a straight line; it will help break up the color that is showing through. Change (even in small doses) can help make positive strides.

Loosey Goosey

The easiest look for work and post-work (or even post-workout!) is the messy bun. A low pontail is easily transformed when you twist it into a bun at the nape of your neck. A touch of pomade and spritz of holding spray gives you a look that looks as classic (and yet undone) at the office as it will when you head out for happy hour. Cheers to that!

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