3 Perfect & Simple Summer Hair Accessories

3 Perfect & Simple Summer Hair Accessories

We have three awesome summer hair accessories for you that are either already in your closet or you will be able to find them on the cheap! Keep reading to see our awesome accessory recommendations.

This trend can be done with any sort of silk scarf, and is perfect for any sort of daytime or pool look you might be sporting in the summer. Take any silk scarf, fold it diagonally, and twist so that you have a long strip. Then, put the middle in your forehead and wrap the two ends around to the back. Choose any colorful silk scarf already hanging in your closet, or check out any vintage or second-hand shop for a unique style. Retro scarves are super in, so don’t be afraid to wear something that seems a bit dated.

Big Clips
Yes, in the summer, the loose look of a big clip is very in. Plus, we know that tight hair ties have the potential to break the shafts of your hair, and damage healthy strands. Twirl your hair into a bun/up-do and clip it into place! This is such an easy on the go look. Try making it into a night time look by styling your hair into either straight or super curly strands, and put them up. 

Big Flowers
So, you know that there are beautiful, colossal sized flowers out there, right? (Think peonies, roses, and even sunflowers!) Well, these happen to look very stunning in your hair. Even though the real versions may be right outside your window, we recommend a fake flower clip so that A. You or anyone around you are not sneezing from the pollen, and B. this is a look you’ll want to wear again and again, so better make it a permanent addition to your beauty cabinet! Tell us all about your favorite oversized flower, and whether you like to add it to an updo or just as a clip in a beachy wave ‘do in the comments.

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