The Secret to Getting a Voluminous Bun

The Secret to Getting a Voluminous Bun
Have you seen Jennifer Lopez and other celebrities rock hair buns like this? Well, we have news for you - what's in that bun is probably not 100% natural hair... it's just too voluminous! Keep reading for our secret to getting this bun, even with a short mane.

We have one trick for you, ladies, and it's called the sock bun. It will help you get gorgeous updos, even if you don't have hair to your waist.

1. To start, you need a tube sock with the toe cut off. Think of a sock that hits at about mid-calf, and just cut off the part on the toe. This will make a tube.

2. Next, roll up the tube from one end to the other, so that you get a donut. 

3. Put your hair in a regular ponytail at the height where you want your bun to center.

4. Put the donut-shaped sock over your ponytail.

5. With the hair sticking out of your ponytail, wrap it back around over the sock, and tuck it back into your ponytail, so that the sock is covered in your hair.

Check out that volume and that gorgeous bun! We're betting you feel instantly glamourous!

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