The One Simple Hairstyle You NEED to Try

The One Simple Hairstyle You NEED to Try

Find out the one hair tip you need to get your hair through the Summer in style with our Easy Chic tip of the season!

In less time than it takes to step out of the shower and apply body lotion, you can achieve a chic and sleek hair look that will turns heads and garner comments from males and females alike.

Wrap that ponyail up with excess hair!

It sounds simple and perhaps even goofy, but it’s our go-to look for a night out. Whether you have a low pony that’s tied to the side, a mid-height look for dinner with your guy or a high ponytail for an 80’s-themed night with girlfriends, you can get this look in the blink of an eye. Simply leave a piece of hair out when you pull the ponytail together and then wrap the excess hair around your regular hair tie or elastic band.

It’s often the simple edits to a look that keep it cute and fun; think sparkly bobby pins and simple tweaks to the shape of your bangs. These easy looks will see you through straight to Fall!

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