4 Ways to Get Hair Out of Your Face

When it’s sweltering outside or you’re going to prepare for a workout, you don’t want your hair getting in the way! Keep reading to see our favorite tips for keeping your tresses on lockdown.

  1. Try a Face-Framing Braid
    Using a small french braid to wrap around your hairline and tuck into a ponytail can gather all of your wispy hair and bangs that are at the front of your face. 
  2. Use a Headband or Scarf
    Tie a scarf or place a headband on your hair after you’ve secured it in an updo. This will help hold your hair down in times of high wind or lots of activity!
  3. The Messy-Bun is Your Friend Even though messy buns seem like the easiest hairdo, they’re also really practical. Keeping your hair’s center of gravity close to your head makes it less likely that your ‘do will fall out, as opposed to wearing a long ponytail.
  4. Tease Your Mane and Spray
    Using a comb, tease the hair on the crown of your head so that you volumize your updo. Then, use a salt or hairspray to give it a little bit of structure. We’re telling you, this ‘do will even be difficult to remove when you want to take it out!

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