Blow Dry Bars: The New Hair Trend

The newest hair salons that are taking the country by storm don’t even offer cuts and colors! The salons are called blow dry bars and they are experiencing a rapid rise in popularity, especially in big cities.

Drybar, founded in 2010, is one the first blow dry salons. The salon offers a quick wash and then gives customers a variety of styles to choose from. Styles range from sleek and straight to beachy, wavy hair. Blow dry bars are great for women who hate spending hours in a salon.

Blow dry bars are also popular with celebrities. If they have a big event to attend then can quickly pop in, get their hair styled and be out the door in 45 minutes. Rachel Zoe even announced last week that she was opening a blow dry bar in NYC. If Rachel Zoe is jumping on board, then you know this trend is only going to get bigger.

Even though clients are in the salon for an hour tops, they are still given the VIP treatment. Blow dry bars often serve champagne, snacks and some even have tvs playing chick flicks to pamper their customers.

So how much does it cost? Most blow dry services cost anywhere from $30-$40 on average. It’s more than your average hair cut, but with proper care you can make a blowout last for days.

Want to give yourself the blowout treatment? Here are some of our favorite blow dry salons across the country.

New York, San Francisco, DC: Drybar

Chicago: Blowtique

LA: Blow AngelsMyBlow LA

Houston: Blow Dry Bar

Philadelphia: Blo/Out

Palm Beach: Fly Dry

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