3 Ways To Get Gorgeous Hair With Coconut Oil

3 Ways To Get Gorgeous Hair With Coconut Oil

Are your tresses in extra need of help? If so, we have an under $10 remedy that is perfect for hair that needs a little life added into it. Coconut oil is going to be your hairs new best friend.

Oil has been a favorite hair treatment for centuries. And there are plenty of different oils to use on your mane, for example olive oil and other hair masks. One of best oils to try is extra virgin coconut oil. Raw coconut oil nourishes, moisturizes and gives hair a luxurious shine.

Try using unrefined extra virgin coconut oil for your beauty needs. It’s important that only the purest form of the oil is used in these hair treatments to yield the best possible results. Refined coconut oil is ideal for cooking and baking, not for beauty treatments. However, if the smell of coconut is too much for you, try using refined. 

Here are three ways to use Coconut oil to help your hair:

Overnight Hair Mask
If hair is dry, damaged and has split ends, an overnight hair mask is a great option for revitalizing your strands. Use melted extra virgin coconut oil all over hair before bedtime, and rinse out in the morning. (We recommend sleeping on a towel with the coconut oil on your hair.) Your hair will be silky, soft and nourished.

Hair Mask Recipe

5 Tbs. unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil

In a small microwave- safe bowl, dollop a tablespoon of coconut oil. Microwave for 5 to10 seconds. Once melted, use fingertips to apply melted coconut oil to hair from the roots to ends. Apply to entire head. Comb through hair and tie hair in a high bun. Leave in overnight. Shampoo thoroughly to remove excess oil.  

Deep Conditioner
If hair lacks luster, try an hour-long coconut oil treatment. Apply the oil all over hair one hour before washing your hair and tie hair into a high bun. This prepares hair for a deep cleanse and helps restore smoothness and shine. Shampoo twice to remove extra oil.

Easy Shine Oil

Adding extra shine to hair is super simple with extra virgin coconut oil. Only use the smallest amount of oil and apply from middle of the hair down to the ends. This will prevent extra oiliness on the scalp and give hair the shininess needed for a night out.

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