Beach Wave Hair Spray

DIY Beach Wave Hair Spray

Beachy waves are gorgeous any time of year, but November’s not exactly prime sunbathing time in most of the country. So how does a girl get her beach hair fix when the warm summer weather is long gone? Well, you could shell out big bucks to buy a name-brand beach wave hair spray. Or you could make your own in about five minutes, using just a few simple products you probably already have!  

Don’t worry if you’re not super crafty — this is a great project for beginners. All you really have to know how to do is stir! 

diy beach wave hair spray


1 Tbs. coconut oil
1 Tbs. salt*
1 tsp. pomade or hair gel
1 Tbs. leave-in conditioner (optional)
1 C. water
Spray bottle

* A mix of ½ Tbs. sea salt and ½ Tbs. table salt is ideal, but you can use whatever kind of salt you have.

diy beach wave hair spray


  1. Place coconut oil in a medium-sized bowl and microwave 15–30 seconds until melted.
  2. Mix in salt, pomade or hair gel, and leave-in conditioner (if using) and stir until combined.
  3. Heat water until hot but not boiling and stir into coconut oil mixture.
  4. Transfer to spray bottle.
  5. Spray generously onto damp hair and let dry for perfect, beachy waves!

diy beach wave hair spray

This homemade beach hair spray brings out the natural texture in any hair type. My hair is naturally a little wavy (above left), but this easy DIY beauty product makes the waves bigger and more defined, almost like loose curls (above right).

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