Oh No! What Not To Do With Your First Gray Hairs

Oh No! What Not To Do With Your First Gray Hairs

So you woke up one morning, got out of bed, and started brushing your teeth. In other words, it was a normal day until you happened to glance in the mirror. That is when you saw it, not a facial line that was sometimes there and sometimes not, but a gray hair. 

Don't panic. You do not want to make the situation worse. For those in search of beauty secrets, here is how not to deal with a newly discovered gray hair. 

Reach for Permanent Dye 

Before succumbing to the temptation to oust the gray for once and for all, it is worth noting that permanent hair dye can have a negative effect on your hair. For softness and increased health, a well-chosen semi-permanent dye can work wonders.


So the next thought might be to pluck the gray hair. It is just one hair and since we now know that the whole "pluck one and deal with 20" idea is a myth, what could possibly go wrong? It turns out that plucking gray hairs is not recommended because it can damage your hair follicles.

Neglect Your Diet

What do your eating habits have to do with your hair? More than you think. Protein and proper hydration have been known to have an overall positive effect on a person's hair. It looks like being vitamin B deficient might encourage the gray.

Fighting the onset of gray hair is not rocket science. There is no secret vault of beauty secrets that you need to reference at all costs. By avoiding key mistakes and doing your research beforehand, nobody has to know about those gray hairs.

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