DIY Beachy Waves

Curly or wavy hair is great because it’s the simplest hair style to fit any occasion. I don’t know about you but I’m far from blessed with a great set of natural curly locks so that’s where my styling tools come in. There are many ways to achieve different types of perfects curls but one of my all-time favorites for the summer is a natural looking beach wave. You don’t need to sit at the beach for this natural look; this type of style is an easy DIY at home.

Here is how I get started.

Whether you have thick or thin hair will depend on how you want to curl it. For thicker hair I curl it in layers and for thin hair you can curl without the layers needed.

Once I’ve layered my hair, I take a wand or even an old 2 inch curler and turn it upside down next to the strand of hair I want to curl. 

I wrap that hair around the upside down styling tool and let it sit for about 30 seconds.

Once you pull it down it should look like a simple wave, which you should loosen up with your fingers if it looks too curled.  

After you have done that to your whole head, toss all your hair with your fingers to make it looks like it’s more natural and styled. The best thing about this natural look is no hairspray needed.

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