Grab A Cold One For Your Hair

Grab A Cold One For Your Hair

Have you heard about this crazy trend? People are obsessing over the effects that come from giving their locks a “beer rinse.” Stars including Catherine Zeta-Jones even do it!

Apparently, rinsing a can of beer over your hair will leave it more voluminous, shiny, and thicker. Vitamin B found in hops intensely repairs damaged, brittle hair. Other natural ingredients, including the sugar in beer, tighten and strengthen hair cuticles.

There is one major downside to this; the smell. As you will see in the video below, people who try the beer rinse complain about the stench of beer that’s leftover in their hair. If you want to try this, we suggest conditioning your hair with a fragrant conditioner after the rinse. 

To try this trend yourself, pour an entire can of beer over your head, starting at the scalp and making it’s way to the ends. Let the beer soak on your hair for at least three minutes. Then rinse completely with cold water.

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