Ready in 30

Fab in a Flash: Our Guide to be Ready in 30

We all have that friend that brags about how long it takes her to prep for a night out, and it’s usually an outrageous amount of time. Does it really have to take 3 hours to prep for a night out? Well, we don’t think so. All you really need is 1/2 an hour! Hard to believe right?

Here are some tips on how to cut down that prep time and still look as fabulous as the girl who takes 3 hours.

Shower: 8-10 Minutes

Feeling fresh can add a good amount of confidence, and who doesn’t want more confidence! Spend 10 minutes in the shower, don’t forget to exfoliate so that your skin can glow. For this quick routine, do not wash your hair! Use a dry shampoo so that you don’t have to spend so much time waiting on your hair to dry. Add lotion right after your shower so that your skin can soak up that moisture!

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