Get Rid of Dry, Brittle Nails for Good

Get Rid of Dry, Brittle Nails for Good

Are you plagued by dry, brittle nails? No matter how many times you attempt to grow out your nails, do they continuously chip, crack, split and break? Unfortunately, brittle nails is an all-too common condition caused by a multitude of factors. Learn about the causes of dry, brittle nails and, more importantly, how to prevent them!

Here are some of the specific causes of dry, brittle nails:

  • Calcium, omega-3, folic acid or vitamin C shortage
  • Metal nail files
  • Cheap nail polish
  • Repeated wetting and drying of the hands
  • Exposure to harsh solvents, such as nail polish remover

If you’re genetically prone to dry, brittle nails, any of the above factors can worsen the condition.  The question is how do you get rid of this frustrating problem!

Tips to growing healthy, beautiful nails:

  1. Do not use nail polish remover more than once a week.  The harsh chemicals in removers dry out the nails and surrounding skin and leave them weakened.  Avoid the cheapest nail polish removers as they tend to use the harshest chemicals. Instead,try and find an oil based remover.

  2. Moisturize nail cuticles with castor oil or olive oil as well as with a hand cream.  For the best results, rub the cream and oil into the your nail cuticles after each time you wash your hands. This will help your nails grow stronger and more flexible over time.

  3. Don’t wear nail polish all the time. Every once and a while let your nails go natural to give them time to recover from harsh polishes. Use a nail buffer instead of nail polish to get shiny, polished nails, which can actually stimulate growth.

  4. Avoid metal nail files as they cause finger nails to crack easily. Instead, use an inexpensive emery board file.

  5. Change your diet. Drink lots of milk and take calcium supplements. Adding plenty of cold water fish such as mackerel and salmon to your dinner table will help replenish your omega-3 fatty acids. Eat foods with plenty of biotin, a B vitamin, such as cauliflower, peanuts and soybeans. Getting the proper nutrients is one easy way to ensure your nails have the right nutrients to stay strong.

  6. Trim your nails once a week.  Just like hair gets split ends, finger nails also dry out at the tips and need to be maintained for optimum health.

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