The 5 Hottest Fall Nail Colors

The 5 Hottest Fall Nail Colors

Turn down the lights and get the mood going, the nail trends this season are mesmerizing and full of fall fun. The brightness of summer is fading, but these nail colors have a different perk. They’re gripping and a little edgy. Of course, there’s always a red nail trend every season, but this one is deeper than before. Other new and fresh trends include royal blue and dark gray. Check out the top nail trends of the fall now!

1. Royal Blue

This bold shade of blue is the new look of autumn nails. It’s a deeper blue than the afternoon sky, but not as dark as evening. Think of the blue on the American flag, and branch off that shade for a sultry look.

2. Metallics

Lady Gaga has cemented metallics into just about every fashion and beauty trend out there, and why should nails be any difference? Glitter, twinkle and shine your nails with luminous colors and lots of bravado.

3. Naturals 

No, we don’t mean skip the polish. But soft shades of creams and coffees, remind us of the fall leaves or carving pumpkins. These tones work best during a work week, or picking apples at the orchard.

4. Dark Gray

Last fall, black nail polish ruled runways and streets alike. Gray is taking it over this season though. And it’s not just the high-end designer coming out with shades of gray, you can find this hue pretty much anywhere. We bet you’ll see it everywhere too!

5. Seductive Red

The nail color that truly never goes out of style. The only difference between this red and those of the past is that instead of lots of flash, it’s sensual and sophisticated.

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