7 Fun Ways to Do Your Nails

7 Fun Ways to Do Your Nails in 2011

The new year is here and it’s time for a new look!  If you’re nervous about changing up your makeup routine or dying your hair jet black, start with some small, safe changes.  Sprucing up your boring old nail color can give you a fresh and fun look without the permanence of a haircut or the risk of bright red lipstick.  Try one of these new and unique styles in 2011!

Go Greige
This combination of grey and beige is the “it” color of 2011!  Everyone from Lady Gaga and Sandra Bullock to Lily Allen and Rihanna have been sporting this signature pigment!  If you’d like to give this look a try, head to your local drugstore and pick out a polish with “taupe” in the name.   

Tips Only
French manicures have gotten a major makeover!  White is out and bright colors are in when it comes to the tips of your nails!  Try a bold purple or a pretty pink on your tips, but leave the rest of your nail a nude hue.  The unconventional look will really make you stand out.

Glitter and Glisten
For gorgeous, glimmering nails, try this simple trick!  Paint your nails your desired color, then top the wet polish with some fun colored glitter. Seal it in with a top coat, and you suddenly have unique, personalized nails that nobody else has!  Try this style on a night out with the girls or on a special occasion; these sparkly nails can dress up any outfit!

Moon ‘Em
Painting the white “moons” of your nails is the next big nail trend!  Try a twist on a classic French manicure by painting your moons white and leaving the rest of the nail a nude color.  Make ‘em bold by pairing black moons with metallic nails.  You could even try tri-color nails, with moons, nails, and tips all different shades!  Or steal Dita von Teese’s look and go with nude moons and wine-colored nails.

The Rebellious Nail

Vanessa Hudgens was recently photographed with nine icy blue nails and one glittery gold nail.  Don’t be afraid to follow her lead and add some edge to your look.  Painting one nail a different color will add a pop of color and keep them guessing.  

Layer It Up
When you layer different pieces of clothing, you add new dimensions to your look.  The same is true with your nail colors!  Paint your nails a subtle color, and then kick the look up with a top layer of clear glitter polish.  Combine a pale pink with a daring teal. Play, experiment, and see what looks best on your nails!

Tie-Dyed Nails
Go retro this season by creating your very own tie-dyed nails!  Drop a couple different colors of polish onto your nails, then use a toothpick to swirl and pull the colors together in different patterns.  

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