How to Prevent Your Nail Polish from Chipping

How to Prevent Your Nail Polish from Chipping

There’s something about a fresh coat of nail polish that just makes you feel good. After all, everyone can see your hands so it’s nice to keep them looking nice. But inevitably, one wrong move and a chunk of polish quickly disappears or smudges.  And then one piece of chipped nail polish leads to another – and well – you know how it goes. Instead of wasting your time reapplying coat after coat of nail polish to keep your hands looking fresh, here are some tricks to help keep your nail polish from chipping and smudging to begin with.

Clean your nails – Hands are one of the oiliest parts of the bodies, and extra oil makes it that much easier for polish to chip. Before you start painting your nails, apply nail polish remover first, even if you weren’t previously wearing nail polish. Getting rid of the additional oil will help the nail polish to bond better with your nails.

Buff your nails – Before you start painting, buff your nails with a nail buffer tool. This tool will smooth down the surface of the nail, leaving a nice, smooth surface for the nail polish to adhere to.

Apply a base coat – A base coat is not the same thing as a top coat.  Avoid purchasing products that claim to be a two-in-one base coat/top coat. Each coat has a separate purpose and should use different ingredients to get the job done. Base coats should be dry matte or dull. They should also dry relatively quickly.

Not too thick – While it’s tempting to glob the nail polish on your finger to quickly coat the nail, it’s much more effective to paint 3 or 4 thin coats than 2 thick coats.

Apply a clear top coat – The top coat will help keep your nail polish from chipping, fading and will give your nails beautiful shine. Unlike the base coat, the top coat should look shiny and smooth and may take extra time to dry. Reapply the top coat daily or every other day to protect your nails.

Let them dry – Nail polish appears to dry within 10-15 minutes, however, it actually takes a good 45 minutes for the polish to bond well with your nails. Once your nails are fully dry, take care to protect them from harsh chemicals that can cause the polish to chip, like in cleaning products and detergents.

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