Rock a New Trend: One Nail, Different Color!

Since the beginning of 2011, celebs and fashionistas have been rocking a new trend: wearing different nailpolish on one finger of each hand. Strange, you say? Consider this: Sporting different nail polish on a finger such as your ring, pinky, or middle finger can actually help draw attention to and compliment your jewelry! Give that cocktail or wedding ring a boost with a metallic shade, and read our how-tos to make sure you rock this look!

  1. Pick your featured bling.
    We all know that gold polish wouldn’t flatter a silver ring! Choose the ring, or rings, that you want to compliment, and then choose your colors.
  2. Pick your colors.
    The pioneers of this trend choose a flat, muted tone for the majority of their fingers, and paint one nail on each hand in a metallic tone. So, choose a brown, grey, taupe, or plum as your primary color, and compliment it with silver, gold, pearl, or bronze! Your featured nail could also be a pattern that compliments your primary color. The possibilities are endless!
  3. Paint away!
    Make sure you follow our tips such as How to Prevent Your Nail Polish From Chipping to get that perfect manicured look!

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