Do It Yourself: ‘Syrup’ Nails

Fit&Fab is back with another terrific (and easy) Do-It-Yourself project: ‘Syrup’ nails! Just what are they, and how can you create this cool trend in a matter of minutes? Keep reading for all the deets!

A ‘Syrup’ manicure is a process that uses a single jelly polish for the entire space of your nail. The only difference is that you paint your nails in stages, leaving you with a syrupy look that is similar to an ombre style. 
This trick isn’t just for skilled manicurists and polish lovers; we have the easy steps for creating your very own ‘Syrup’ sensation. It’s perfect for a night out, a fun party or just any day you want to keep the nails creative and edgy. Keep in mind that your color choice can take this look from demure to daring!
Jelly polishes are similar to your regular creme polishes in that they contain no glitter or shimmery elements. They are typically a solid color, and yet are very different from a typical creme polish. They are exceptionally sheer and shiny in appearance. You can also attempt this look with a glitter polish if you are brave enough!

Easy Step-By-Step Directions:
1. First apply your basecoat.
2. Paint a layer of your favorite sheer jelly polish on the bottom quarter of your nails.
3. Wait a few minutes, then add a layer of the polish to half of your nails.
4. Waiting a few more minutes for that layer to dry, add a layer on the top 3/4 of your nails.
5. Finish off the process by adding a layer to the entirety of the nail. Don’t forget a shiny topcoat!
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