3 Reasons it's Better to DIY Nails than Hit the Salon

3 Reasons it’s Better to DIY Nails than Hit the Salon

Lots of women hit the nail salon because of the convenience and professional looking results. But we’re here to tell you, this choice isn’t exactly great for your nails, or your health. Keep reading to see why it may be better to do some of your nail treatments at home, and not with a pro.


Nail salons tend to use stronger versions of the products you have in your medicine cabinet at home, and this can definitely damage your nails at skin. At home, you have the option to use Acetone-Free remover, and we definitely encourage you to take a break from the strong salon methods of removing polish and cuticles. Take some time off to use your own moisturizers.

Drying Techniques

Salons often help the drying process of your nails by encouraging you to use a UV light. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, the light is the same kind that is in tanning beds. These lights can cause skin cancer of many forms. Doing your nails at home allows you to paint on each coat of polish a few minutes apart, so your nails can air dry.


Let’s face it, doing your nails in the salon is a lot more expensive, and you don’t get to keep nail polish. Do yourself a favor and learn how to do basic techniques, such as pushing back your cuticles and buffing the ridges out of your nails, at home. You’ll be glad you can hit the salon once a month instead of once a week!

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